Adventures in Copyright: Coach Wishes

prada coach rip off.jpg

The one nice thing we consistently say about Coach is, "Well, they use really nice leather."

But we don't care if they use the nicest leather in the entire world, (which they don't, because Rick Owens does), if they're going to cut it up and paste it into this nauseating Prada rip-off.

They've scalloped, or at least waved, the edges of the strips of leather just like Miuccia, left out a single strip of magenta, added some extra gold hardware and their ridiculous little wagon plaque to make sure everyone knows you're not carrying just any Canal Street knock-off, but a genuine seven-hundred-dollar Coach issued fake.

If you prefer your copies more subtle, go for the pea-soup colored one, because only the girls who looked beyond Sasha's ads will probably recognize its Prada roots.

Then again you'll know, because we just told you.

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