A Model Morning

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Britt rode the subway to work this morning, sandwiched in the middle of six strapping male models. The three from England, signed to DNA, ran into a group of three from New York, signed to Red (of course they all knew each other). They entertained her from Bedford Ave to Union Sq. with this conversation that's too good not to share:

Model 1: Hey dude! How's it goin' man?

Model 2:
Sweet man. I just got back from Japan.

Model 1:
Sick! How was it?

Model 2:
So sweet dude. I mean Japan's awesome. You just drink all night and shoot all day. I mean, no one cares if you show up drunk as long as you're on time. It's all about being on time there.

Model 3:
Did you see the new Japanese Dazed?

Model 4:
Yeah man! We're in it, fucking blitzed out of our minds. Can you tell? That shoot was amazing.

Model 3: Yeah dude, it's sick. The only good magazine over there. They launched Vogue Hommes last week but they put Ash on the cover!

Model 5: Ash and Josh, dude. They're everywhere. I was back in London and everywhere you look in the Tube it's Josh in the Levi's campaign. I mean, it's like, really?

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