Last Night's Fenton/Fallon Opening Party

Dana Lorenz hosted an soiree last night complete with neon lighting, mini pink cupcakes and mint juleps at her brand new retail space Fenton/Fallon on Freeman's Alley.  If the space was conceived as "a well appointed Park Avenue Townhouse inherited and turned upside down by an '80's teenager" then last night the enfant terrible would have, um, made some Park Ave neighbors pretty unhappy.  Thankfully, there were none of those. 

Attendees included Shalom Harlow who donned an incredible layered Fenton necklace, Michelle Monaghan, Abigail Lorick and Esteban Cortazar. A Park Ave-appropriate grand piano was set up in the front lawn, played by Jay Isrealson.   We, admittedly, became slightly giddy when Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time" was given a dose of sophistication.

It's precisely this uptown meets downtown balance that Lorenz has struck.  Case in point: Where there is pink, there are gold pyramid studs. Vintage Christian Dior shares retail space with a brandless Madonna corset.   And, in the case of last night, Mint Juleps were imbibed during the evening hours (miles away from the racetrack). 

 We got the feeling from speaking with Lorenz that being able to temper her aesthetic obsessions with their counterparts is what made the opening of a store so very rewarding.  She told us that the thrill of having a retail space is the ability to really propel an entire artistic vision.

No doubt, it's been accomplished.

Fenton/Fallon is located on Freeman's Alley between Bowery and Chrystie on the Lower East Side

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