Fall Tracking BLOCKBUSTER: Momofuku Milk Bar Set to Open “Soon”

East Village: Get ready for the biggest opening of the entire fall season. The new annex attached to the back of Momofuku Ssam Bar will be called Momofuku Milk Bar—Momofuku. Milk. Bar.—and according to the powers that be, it is projected to open "soon" (We're pegging it as sometime after the weekend and before the holidays).

Located just west of the restaurant on 13th Street, the Milk Bar will offer a selection of flavored milks in addition to multiple soft serve ice cream flavors, variations on the Momofuku steamed bun, and "nontraditional" pastries, breads, cakes, desserts and cookies—we hear there's a possibility of a savory Hot Pocket-like dish called the "Volcano."

The flavored milk focus isn't what we would have expected from the Chang, but his pastry chef Christina Tosi absolutely deserves a place of her own and could provide some stiff competition for nearby Chikalicious. And a bonus to you holiday season party planners: the space will double as a private dining room.
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