Eater Inside: Braeburn

Krieger, 10/16/08

Braeburn, chef Brian Bistrong's (The Harrison, Citarella) new West Village spot, opened on Friday in the old Voyage space on Perry Street. They're going for a a farm or country house vibe here with a walnut floor, tree branches, mesquite-tiled tables, and walls adorned with paintings of Bistrong's own apple orchards and farm land. Vibe aside, the place is two blocks from the Pig, so if the food is halfway decent and affordable, there should be some spillover.

As for the food, it is, what else, local American bistro fare, much of it coming from the aforementioned Bistrong family farm. And of course there's already an early review up from Gotham Gal who has mostly hits, a few misses, and suggests the prices—which right now hover in the high 20's/low 30's for entrees—be reduced if the restaurant wants a solid neighborhood following. Oh and she adds these notes: "Fix the lighting immediately. Too bright...Clean the windows." Further reading here and here.For more stories from Eater, go to

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