Doc: Prozac May Let You Down, but Botox Always Works

A fresh-faced 26-year-old writer visited a series of dermatologists  for consultations, and was told again again that she could use a little Botox. But then, who can't?

One doc went for youthful exuberance. The writer, Leah Chernikoff reports:

"You'll love it, it's awesome," my doctor at Smooth Synergy Cosmedical Spa in midtown told me. "Some days your Prozac doesn't work, but Botox always works."

Despite the fact that she's often carded at bars and the occasional R-rated movie (which Jessica Grose at Jossip, who's apparently seen it, confirms), many of the consultants insisted she needed a little work. The tact of "Well, if you're happy with your face like that it's fine, but..." and one ridiculously tested for wrinkles by having Leah scrunch up her face to see if it wrinkled. By this measure a newborn would need injections.

By the way, Doc, how young is too young? The answer: "If the wrinkles are there, then they're there. The youngest patient I've seen was 22 years old, and she needed it." As long as you're old at heart, you're never too young to lose the ability to raise your eyebrows.

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