Destroyer Takes Sardonic Sounds to Masonic Temple

We are not fans of smooth saxophone solos. But we nonetheless found ourselves beguiled by last year's Destroyer album Kaputt, which shamelessly layered on the sax, windchimes and overall "Dad is unwinding with some wine and needs to chill out" feel.

Plenty of other people felt the same way, as the record did gangbusters on all the Year End charts.

There's just something about lyrics about drug addicts and crazy relationships recounted over the most adult contemporary arrangements possible that is hard to resist. (And maybe, just maybe, Christopher Cross isn't so bad. Maybe.)

Plus, Dan Bejar knows how to write a song that all but demands you give up the ghost on your genre prejudices. 

Destroyer will play the Brooklyn Masonic Temple on June 18.

The Masonic Temple is one of the best acoustic spaces in all of New York, which will make it all the easier to appreciate the windchimes rustling along to the beat.

Also it should be pointed out that Destroyer has plenty of great albums (Rubies!) that are a little bit less overly refined, in case you don't cotton to Kaputt. Tickets go on sale here on Friday. 

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