Degentrification Watch: From Boom to Blight in Brooklyn

Not every failed condo development in Crown Heights can become luxury housing for the homeless. Nope, some don't even make it that far, like the seven-story, 33-unit 393 Lefferts Avenue on the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens border—left to rot in an incomplete state "for years," a neighbor tells blog Brooklyn Born. Brooklyn Born wades deep into the history of the rusting shell, currently on the market (as a commercial building, curiously) for $8.5 million. Mentioned in a 2006 Daily News roundup that said Brooklyn real estate was "so hot that condo developers are seeking building sites even in Prospect Lefferts Gardens," this bit of arrested development has Brooklyn Born considering the fallout: "Can you imagine what it does to your property values to live across the street from this for years? Which says nothing of what it does to your sense of well-being to live with that eye-sore." Another shot of the corpse, strictly for clinical purposes, follows these very words.


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