Carla Bruni Is in Town and She Looks Fabulous

We don't know why we haven't been blogging from around the U.N. this week since freaking Carla Bruni's running around up there. No — really. She's literally running around the U.N. with her husband, French president Nicolas Sarkozy. Like, for exercise. Can you imagine if you saw them? The thought has us all farklempt. Anyway, the important thing is that we are at last on the same landmass as Carla Bruni. Of course, she's rocking the Dior and looks stunning. At least, we're assuming her daytime suits are custom-made Dior because that's what she always wears and what person who had access to custom-made Dior wouldn't wear it all the time? And those Brits might have thought they were special when Carla went over there in March for an official visit. But her pre-fall Manhattan wardrobe is far more interesting than her late-fall London uniform. And you know what else, United Kingdom? We have photos of Bruni caught off-guard. Messy hair, getting back to the hotel, shopping on Madison Avenue on Sunday afternoon (God we've been in all the wrong places this week!). See the photos and glorious Dior in the slideshow.

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