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As the years went by, and the entire neighborhood actually improved, Restoration [Plaza] went downhill. They tore down the brownstone facade a couple of years ago, which let more light into the plaza, but they never finished the stairs. The ice skating rink was never utilized as it could have been, and is now a tented place for religious revivals and an occasional private party. All of the utilites left, and the spaces remain empty on the second floor. Con Ed was above where Applebees is now. Citibank and WaMu are a good addition, as is the much maligned Applebees, but the whole place is a mixed bag of success and failure. Foodtown has been rebuilt, and is great. Duane Reade is much needed, but the retail is pitiful. The theatre wing of the complex is great, but the office space in the back is substandard, hard to reach and low rent. The post office is a joke. I'm hoping that this new "restoration" is accompanied by a renewed spirit in the board of Restoration Development Corporation to not just make things shiny and new, but get new desirable businesses in there, and take care of business in enforcing standards of excellence in upkeep and maintanance. This has the potential to be the center of a large, successful business and shopping hub. Don't blow it.

— by Montrose Morris in The Restoration of Restoration Plaza

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