Monday Links


City May Get $3.4 Billion in Federal Aid [NY Times]
Tenants Encouraged to Socialize, but Not Criticize [NY Times]
Safeguarding Against Loan Discrimination [NY Times]
Old Fire Escapes In Need of TLC [NY Times]
Subway Crime Down 3 Percent in 2008 [NY Post]
City Landlords Skipped Out on Big Fines [NY Daily News]
30-year Fixed Rates Back Above 5% [CNN]
Man Stabbed to Death in Prospect Place Apartment [Newsday]
Herb Kaufman, Heights Preservationist, Dies [Brooklyn Paper]
Who Does Ratner Want to Succeed Ed Towns? [AY Report]
Close-Up on E. Williamsburg Block [Metro]
Crown Heights Storefront photo by atomische

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