Inside Third & Bond: Week 89


This week the Hudson bloggers talk ceiling height...

Ceiling heights matter. Imagine St. Patrick’s Cathedral without its vaulted ceilings or the tunnels of Penn Station made un-cramped. If we believe Joan Meyers-Levy of the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, high ceilings encourage abstract thinking while low ceilings encourage detail-oriented thinking. If we apply her logic, then Penn Station is not only horrible because of the suffocating sensation of the low, gray ceiling, but also because it encourages you to notice all the grimy details of the nation’s busiest train station. But low ceilings aren’t always bad: Meyers-Levy suggests that complicated tasks like surgery should take place in low-ceilinged rooms.

Ceiling heights at Third + Bond are 9’ in most areas, including the living and dining areas and bedrooms. In the kitchen, hall, and bathrooms, the heights are 8’. With any luck, these heights split the difference on abstract and detail thinking so that we can attract both the left and right brained buyers.

Our preference was to do 9’ heights throughout but...

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