Bird Blog: Week 21

Every other week, Jennifer Mankins, owner of the Bird boutiques, tells us about the new 2,500-square-foot store on Grand Street in Williamsburg that she's getting ready to open. Up this week: inspired by the election, feeling Yes She Can.

Four weeks and counting. I wasn’t feeling very optimistic about the deadline, but after Tuesday’s election I feel like anything is possible. I think the store will be a work in progress well into January, but I still want to push to get it open as soon as possible. If people are going to do any shopping at all this year, it will likely be during December.

The white ironwork is finally really finished and we are just waiting for the new door and the new glass which should arrive next week. They welded and sanded and painted all of the storefront, including, by mistake, the solid brass balls that rest in between each arch. Those are one of my favorite details of the storefront, so I had them sand off all the paint to expose the brass. I mean if you have brass balls, you should at least show them off! They primed all of the sidewalk metal and the sidewalk glass is being sand-blasted and should also be ready next week. Additional security lights have been added on each corner of the N1st storefront, and the owner from Dokebi, the restaurant next door, has generously offered to move his sign to the other side of his building so it isn’t next to our door.

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