Brooklyn Heights Gristedes to Re-Emerge, Phoenix-Like, From the Flames

Gristedes really can't win. When it's not getting sued by former employees or closing locations in Manhattan, it's getting totally overshadowed by other, sexier (well, to the extent that a supermarket can be sexy) chains. Exhibit A: Yesterday's news that the Brooklyn Heights Gristedes will re-open with the very swanky addition of a coffee bar, got completely lost in the excitement about downtown's new Trader Joe's.

Today's Brooklyn Paper has more information about the location, which was all but destroyed in a rotisserie fire last May. It seems aspiring mayor and owner John Catsimatidis has caught on to this whole organic thing the kids are so crazy about these days: "The renovated store will carry more organic and healthier foods, and have a larger produce section — but prices will stay low." Trader Joe's, consider yourself warned.
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