Better's Odds: The Prada Sale Turnout

A customer approaches last year's sale in the rain

Bright and early tomorrow morning, hundreds of dedicated shoppers will descend on the western edge of Hell's Kitchen for opening day of the Prada sale. Last year's sale was relatively small compared to this one, and the turnout was still high, so we're predicting this year will be utter chaos. The odds, based on our highly scientific calculations:

Odds the wait will be longer than two hours: 1 to 1. Tomorrow's forecast calls for a clear, sunny, brisk day—ideal line-waiting weather.

Odds the wait will be longer than three hours: 1 to 1. If people waited for three hours on a weekday to get a pair of $50 Diesel jeans, they'll definitely wait three hours on a Saturday morning for Prada markdowns.

Odds the wait will be longer than four hours: 4 to 1. The sale starts at 9am; by 1pm, people are going to get hungry and wander off. Then again, which is more important: Lunch, or Miuccia?

Odds our legs will hurt by the end of it: Very, very high.
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