A Circus Fit For a King

These fairy tales will never be same

Sure, Baroque dance hasn't been popular since...oh, the reign of Louis XIV, but the performance troupe Company XIV is bringing this predecessor of classical ballet from the  court of Versailles to Carroll Gardens. Only this time around the dance floor choreographer Austin McCormick is throwing in a few other things from the last four centuries of dance, theater and storytelling.

With music ranging from Vivaldi to Lady Gaga, McCormick's newest performance, Le Cirque Feerique, or the Fairy Circus, if you will, re-imagines classic fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen and The Brothers Grimm using a combination of flamenco, ballet, cabaret, and yes, baroque. The colorful costumery is elaborate enough for any of Louis' formal balls but also playful enough for, well,  the circus.

Feerique, unlike some of McCormick's racier endeavors (like last year's burlsquey interpretation of Adam and Eve's misadventure with a certain forbidden fruit) is family friendly and at a brisk hour-and-a-half surely even the kiddies will by crying for more.

The company is only  doing four performances each weekend until June 6 and the small 303 Bond Street Theater does tend to sell out, so... you know what to do. Get 'em here.

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