740 Park Duplex Quietly Marketed for Over $60M

Brokers and hyperbole go together like Long Island City and angry Curbed commenters, but when stately Upper East Side specialist Edward Lee Cave tells the Observer's Max Abelson that Courtney Sale Ross's gargantuan duplex at THE 740 Park Avenue will be "the most expensive apartment ever sold in New York," we kinda-sorta believe him. Ross and her late husband, Time Warner creator Steve Ross, created the duplex in the famed pre-war co-op by combining 14-room and 18-room apartments, a process that involved the "sueding" of at least one room. Sueding! The apartment isn't officially on the market, Cave is just testing the waters on behalf of Ross. He claims that an eventual sale will be well north of $60 million, and, "There will only be 10 people who can see the apartment. Because there will only be 10 people who are appropriate to see it." Well then! At least figuring out who'll buy the sucker won't be tricky. Top 10 folks who have the money and can pass the board: Rupert Murdoch? The Wal-Mart Guy? God?
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