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5 DIY garage storage ideas to clean and organize your space

From taking advantage of vertical space to installing shelves and cabinets, these tips will help maximize your space.

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Whether you use your garage for storage, a hobby, working out or to park your vehicle, having a cluttered space is not ideal.

A 2022 survey from Craftsman revealed that 36% of Americans surveyed say their garage is so unorganized they can no longer park a vehicle inside. And, more than half of respondents were unsatisfied with how their garage is organized.

The garage is an extension of your home and should be treated as such. From cleaning your garage to utilizing vertical space, here are five ideas to take your garage from messy and chaotic to organized and functional.

1. Clean your garage

First you'll need to start with a clean slate by clearing up the clutter.

Go through all the items in your garage and either donate or sell what doesn't spark joy. Sweep, vacuum or mop the floor to remove dust and debris. Tidy up regularly.

2. Protect your garage floor

Concrete garage floors can only take so much wear and tear. A floor covering like a mat, rug or interlocking floor tiles are some inexpensive options to help protect your floor.

More expensive alternatives include garage floor paint or epoxy options. Epoxy is known for its glossy look.

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3. Utilize vertical space

Overhead garage storage racks are one way to free up floor space. If you choose to do the installation yourself, remember to leave enough space so the rack doesn't interfere with your garage door or vehicle.

Pegboards, which come in a variety of sizes and materials, are a great option to store and organize tools and other equipment.

Storage hooks and wall-mounted shelves are some other vertical storage solutions.

4. Store away items in stackable bins or containers

Out of sight, out of mind.

Stackable plastic bins or containers can help you sort through all the clutter so that everything has a place.

If you want to keep things uniform, buy bins that are the same color so the garage has a cohesive look throughout. You can also buy or make custom labels so you know exactly what's inside when you need it.

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5. Install cabinets or shelving units

Garage cabinets and shelving units are easy to install, and you can buy pre-assembled cabinets at most large home improvement stores.

The cabinets, which should be placed against the wall, are sometimes customizable with adjustable shelves, clothing rods, etc.

And if you're still looking to free up space, you can stack your bins on top of the cabinet or shelving unit (be sure to check out the weight limit first).

Bonus step: Use all the space you've freed up for working out, a hobby or actually parking your vehicle.

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