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food Jan 15

Where You Can Score a Free Bagel on National Bagel Day

As a perfect foundation for all sorts of savory spreads and tasty toppings, bagels are a beloved breakfast food that certainly deserve their own national holiday.

  • Dungeons & Dragons Dec 13, 2019

    New ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Video Game Based on R.A. Salvatore Characters Coming in 2020

    A new video game based on “Dungeons and Dragons” is coming to computers and consoles in the fall of next year. Wizards of the Coast, the Hasbro-owned company behind the popular 45-year-old tabletop game, and video game company Tuque have partnered to create “Dark Alliance,” a third-person action role-playing game. “Once you roll initiative, th...
  • food Dec 14, 2019

    A Look at Fast Food Restaurants Serving Up Plant-Based Meat

    A number of fast-food chains have introduced plant-based meat alternatives in recent months, partnering with meatless companies Beyond Meat or Impossible Foods. They are reacting to consumers’ increased appetite for those foods: from April 2018 to April 2019, the plant-based retail market has registered 11% growth, according to data published...
  • Dec 5, 2019

    Holiday Etiquette: 10 Rules for Gift-Giving This Holiday Season

    You’ve got your holiday shopping list made and you’re checking it twice.......But are you getting the right gifts for the right people? And what should you do if you are strapped for cash?......Following some simple gift-giving rules can help you easily navigate the holiday season. They can also help set the tone for your relationships ...
  • Dec 2, 2019

    Save These Dates: 2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

    Want to make sure your holiday cards and gifts arrive in time for Christmas? Save these dates, and keep in mind there may be extra surcharges for rush delivery during the holiday season.

  • Nov 27, 2019

    United Plates of Thanksgiving: 52 Recipes From 52 Chefs Across the Country

    From tropical fruit in Hawaii to fresh seafood in New England, and barbecue in the South to the hearty dishes of the Midwest, the flavors of the United States know no bounds — and that’s especially apparent on Thanksgiving.

  • Nov 26, 2019

    Black Friday Hours: Here’s a List of When Retailers Will Be Open

    Although some retailers have already started marking down items and cueing the holiday music, the season will kick off in earnest this week. Retailers are preparing for crowds of shoppers as the holidays approach, with retail sales expected to grow between 3.8% and 4.2% this year to between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion, according to the Nation...
  • Nov 26, 2019

    Here’s What Restaurants Are Offering Black Friday Deals

    When most people think of Black Friday deals, they picture discounts on electronics, toys or clothing. But restaurant chains also offer their own deals. Here’s where to find deals on restaurant gift cards and discounted food and drinks on Black Friday.

  • Nov 25, 2019

    Stop! Washing Your Thanksgiving Turkey Could Spread Germs

    Go ahead and rinse your cranberries, potatoes and green beans. But food say experts say don’t — repeat don’t — wash the turkey before popping it in the oven on Thanksgiving Day. They say that could spread the germs lurking on your turkey in the kitchen sink or nearby food. But it’s been a challenge trying to convince cooks to......
  • Nov 20, 2019

    Vera Wang Surprises Military Brides With Their Dream Dresses on TODAY

    Iconic bridal designer Vera Wang honored a group of military brides by designing custom, couture wedding gowns for their special day — and some of the brides-to-be just revealed their dresses live on TODAY before getting a surprise from the online wedding planning and registering company Zola.

  • Nov 14, 2019

    Twinkies Cereal Is Now in the Works

    Hostess fans can rejoice that another one of their favorite snacks will be transformed into a bite-sized cereal version. Post Holdings and Hostess Brands announced Wednesday that Twinkies Cereal will debut in grocery stores in late December. When asked what inspired the concept of a cereal version of Twinkies, Meredith Suffron, senior director of b...
  • Nov 6, 2019

    Aldi’s Popular Advent Calendars Are Returning to Stores Nov. 6

    The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, and Aldi is set to release some new Advent calendars that will keep food and drinks lovers filled with cheer for the next month. After selling out in a flash last year, Aldi’s wine and cheese calendars are back. This year, the grocery chain is adding another adult-friendly treat: a beer-themed ...
  • Oct 30, 2019

    Going Somewhere? Some Places Offer Trips to the Unknown

    When Dena Espenscheid answered an advertisement on social media offering a weekend vacation to an unknown destination, her sister warned her she was going to get kidnapped. As it turns out, not only was the offer legit, Espenscheid said she “had a blast.” The West Virginia Division of Tourism arranged the free trip earlier this month to promote the...
  • Oct 30, 2019

    How Americans Spend Halloween, From Passing Out Candy to Dressing Up the Dog

    The good news for kids this Halloween: They’ll likely come home with a bigger pile of candy than of healthy snacks while out trick-or-treating. Americans have a wide variety of plans to celebrate the spooky holiday this year, from carving pumpkins to watching scary movies. Some even plan to make their dogs and cats suffer the fate of being fo...
  • Oct 24, 2019

    Stretchy, Lovable Slime Takes Up Residence in New York City

    Slime, the bedazzled, stretchy sensation that has spawned its own social media influencers and fans of all ages, is taking up residence in New York City. An immersive, 8,000-square-foot (743.22-sq. meter) museum dedicated to all things slime opens Friday for a nearly six-month celebration complete with a sticky barefoot lake walk and DIY bar. There...
  • Oct 24, 2019

    Extreme Haunted House: McKamey Manor Requires 40-Page Waiver, Insurance, Drug Test

    A haunted house that promises an extreme experience that can last up to 10 hours requires participants be medically cleared by a doctor and sign a 40-page waiver.

  • Oct 23, 2019

    Sneaky Sugars: Which Foods Have the Most Hidden Sweet Stuff?

    If you’ve been cutting back on soda, cakes, cookies and candy to trim your daily sugar intake, you’re off to a good start. But it’s the small amounts of added sugars found in many of the foods we eat regularly that can keep your sugar intake much higher than you think. And many processed foods containing added sugars don’t even...

  • Oct 22, 2019

    Amtrak Offers Half-Off Sale Across the US for November Travel

    If you’ve wanted to travel by train, now’s a good time to buy your tickets. Amtrak is offering 50% off fares as part of a two-day sale this Tuesday and Wednesday. Travel dates run from

  • Oct 18, 2019

    The Restaurants Featured on the ‘Best for a Date in America’ List

    Choosing where to go for date night is not always easy. Whether it’s your first date or you’re celebrating your golden anniversary, you’ll want to take a look at this list of the 50 best restaurants in the country for a date. Online restaurant reservation platform OpenTable teamed up with dating app Hinge to compile the list....
  • Oct 18, 2019

    How Old Is Too Old to Trick or Treat on Halloween?

    How old is too old to go trick-or-treating on Halloween? Officials in Chesapeake, Virginia, have decided that age 14 should be the cutoff, while the city of Bathurst in New Brunswick, Canada, passed a law to prohibit kids 16 and older from ringing doorbells, TODAY reported. Teenagers trick-or-treating is a topic that tends to provoke strong opinion...
  • Oct 16, 2019

    Forget Pumpkins! This New Halloween Trend Will Take You on a Tropical Escape

    Forget about traditional jack-o’-lanterns and faux cobwebs! Halloween decor is getting a funky twist thanks to three new trends that are blowing up on social media. From Christmas trees that are decked out with all the spooky trimmings to carved pineapples, these aren’t your typical Halloween decorations.

  • Oct 16, 2019

    Some Tips to Make Halloween Decor Less Scary for Wildlife

    Fake cobwebs and some other spooky, outdoor Halloween decorations meant as harmless fun can do real damage to wildlife. Halloween spending has skyrocketed in recent years, and the National Retail Federation says Americans are expected to spend $2.7 billion on Halloween decorations this year. Wildlife organizations say they also have seen an increas...
  • Oct 10, 2019

    Put Down That Takeout Menu: Stir-Fry Basics for Home Cooks

    For every home cook happily tossing together a stir fry at home, there are a dozen would-be stir fryers wanting to make chicken-broccoli-sugar-snap-pea stir fry . and then sheepishly reaching for the takeout menu. Stir-fry technique has many people intimidated. But if you can slice and stir, you can stir fry. So, let’s break it down, review the bas...
  • Oct 10, 2019

    Road Tripping Thailand: Weekend Getaways to Beat the Crowds

    Thailand’s southern beaches lure travelers with their turquoise water and dramatic limestone cliffs, but there’s more to explore in the Southeast Asian country that’s one of the world’s most popular destinations. For a Thai road less traveled, try one of these getaways outside Bangkok, far from the overly Instagrammed backpa...
  • Oct 9, 2019

    For the 1st Time Ever, You Can Stay Overnight in the Goodyear Blimp

    You’re probably already familiar with the Goodyear Blimp — it’s an iconic sight in the sky during marquee sports and entertainment events, and it’s been providing aerial coverage since 1955. But now, things are about to get really interesting. For the first time ever, you’ll have the chance to stay overnight in the famous airship. Beginning O...
  • Oct 9, 2019

    This Lisa Frank-Designed Hotel Is the Perfect Slumber Party Destination

    Break out your old Trapper Keeper and start planning your next vacation — a Lisa Frank-designed hotel room is now available, and if you were a kid in the ’90s, it will seriously transport you back to your childhood. teamed up with the iconic designer to create the most colorful and fun digs that fans can actually stay in...
  • Oct 4, 2019

    How to Make the Best Cinnamon Buns for National Cinnamon Roll Day

    Friday marks 20 years since the inception of National Cinnamon Roll Day and we’re celebrating with a bunch of ooey-gooey treats from TODAY’s kitchen — and Cinnabon, of course. National Cinnamon Roll Day is an international holiday that was created by Sweden’s Hembakningsrådet (which translates to “Home Baking Council”)...
  • Oct 4, 2019

    Shell Out Less for More on National Taco Day

    Taco Bell, Rubio’s, and other taquerias will raise a stuffed tortilla to the mouth-watering holiday.

  • Oct 3, 2019

    Stephen King and Wife Tabitha Plan Changes to Iconic Maine Home

    Stephen and Tabitha King are ready for the next chapter for their Victorian mansion that stands behind a wrought iron gate festooned with winged creatures and spiderwebs. The authors want to transform the home where they raised their children in Bangor, Maine, into the location for Stephen King’s personal archives. A guest house they own next door ...
  • Oct 2, 2019

    New Deli Opens in NYC But Nothing Is Edible

    New York is famous for its delicatessens so it’s no surprise people are abuzz about the latest deli to open at the iconic Rockefeller Center. Though at this deli, you won’t find a hot cup of coffee, a bagel with lox, or any black and white cookies. But the offerings are equally delightful. British artist Lucy Sparrow’s “Deli...
  • Sep 25, 2019

    $50 Burger at Bay Area Restaurant Is Selling Out

    Selby’s Restaurant in Atherton, California, can’t keep up with the demand for their $50 burger. Chef Mark shows Malou Nubla of “California Live” what goes into the burger to make it worth 50 bucks!...The burger itself is comprised of a special beef blend of seasoned onglet, also known as hanger steak, as well as New York and...
  • Sep 25, 2019

    From Luckenbach to Rocky Top, Country Music Is an American Roadmap

    The storytelling of country music connects a wide swath of Americans from East Coast to the West Coast, from North to the South. For many country writers, their lyrics were inspired by real places and real people, adding authenticity to the melody. A scan of popular country song titles, from “Luckenbach, Texas,” ″Okie from Muskogee,” ″New San Anton...
  • Sep 25, 2019

    Airbnb Offering All-Expense-Paid Trip to Antarctica for Science Research

    Airbnb is offering a handful of people concerned about the environment a chance to participate in scientific research on how to help preserve it during an all-expense-paid trip to Antarctica. The Antarctic Sabbatical, as the travel company is dubbing it, will give five people the opportunity to study how widely microplastics have infiltrated the re...
  • Sep 21, 2019

    Beer Flows as Overcrowded Oktoberfest Opens in Munich

    The first keg was tapped, and the beer started flowing as the 186th Oktoberfest got underway Saturday in the southern German city of Munich. Mayor Dieter Reiter inserted the tap in the first keg with two blows of a hammer and the cry of “O’zapt is” — “it’s tapped.” As tradition demands, he handed the first mug to...
  • Sep 20, 2019

    Plenty of Fish Bans Users From Posting Photos With Face Filters Users Find ‘Deceptive’

    Dating app Plenty of Fish is banning face filters across its platform in a move aimed at deterring users from creating deceptive profiles, NBC News reported....In a blog post on Tuesday, the site announced that it was “implementing a face filter ban across the platform” and would begin to remove photos that feature them after a poll fou...
  • Sep 18, 2019

    Right at Home: The Look of Hand-Drawn Art Is Hot in Decor

    Hand-crafted is popular these days, and many home decorators are looking for unique textiles and other furnishings that feature the look of hand-drawn art. Items like the eclectic, playful wallpapers of Brooklyn-based artist Aimee Wilder, who designed for brands like DwellStudio, Martha Stewart and Vans before starting her own studio. She’s expande...
  • Sep 17, 2019

    Kale Candy Canes Are Here to Ruin Christmas — and Everything Else

    For anybody with a sweet tooth who is completely over traditional candy canes, there’s a new flavor hitting store shelves ahead of the holidays that will really give your taste buds a kick … or just make you gag. Archie McPhee, a novelty candy and funny toy emporium, is getting into the holiday spirit early — like really, really early.....
  • Sep 17, 2019

    Walmart Is Bringing Back Trendy Fashion Brand Scoop in Bid to Juice Its Fashion Business

    Walmart said Monday it’s relaunching the once-beloved trendy New York fashion brand, Scoop NYC, on its website nationwide and in select stores.

  • Sep 16, 2019

    Five Things To Know About Hispanic Heritage Month

    Hispanic Heritage Month has been a big celebration in the U.S. for more than 40 years. Hispanics across the country celebrate this month with pride and joy, while commemorating the importance of diversity. Here are five things you should know, related to the Hispanic Heritage Month.

  • Sep 13, 2019

    How to Rehab Damaged Summer Hair

    After a summer full of sun, humidity and chlorine, our hair can use some rehab. Amanda Eberle, owner of Acure Eco Salon in West Hartford, Connecticut shares her tips for how to get your hair back to looking and feeling its best.

  • Sep 13, 2019

    McDonald’s Is Bringing Back Its Shamrock Shake This Fall — But There’s a Catch

    McDonald’s famous Shamrock Shake is usually a treat reserved for that special time of year around St. Patrick’s Day, but the fast-food chain is bringing the sweet drink back for a few select folks … in September. Why bring the pastel sipper back to stores months before it’s slated to reappear? Football, of course.

  • Sep 11, 2019

    How to Transition From Summer to Fall in Style

    Fall is right around the corner but don’t ditch your summer wardrobe just yet. Maria Sansone visits consignment shop Covet, in Boston’s Beacon Hill neighborhood to get some fashion tricks that are both stylish and sustainable.

  • Sep 11, 2019

    See Which Designers Are Back for Target’s 20th Anniversary Collection

    You might just have your most epic Target run yet this fall! Target is celebrating 20 years of designer collaborations by re-releasing some of its most iconic pieces ever in a limited-edition anniversary collection on Sept. 14. The retailer just gave fans a sneak peek at some of the amazing styles in store. The collection will feature nearly 300 it...
  • Sep 11, 2019

    Like Wine From France’s Rhone Valley? Head to Walla Walla

    Southeastern Washington has been producing high-quality wines for decades. But in the past five years, the wineries of the Walla Walla Valley have drawn international accolades for the reds — particularly syrahs — produced from the unique soil just across the border in Oregon. Grapes grown in the six square miles known as The Rocks District of Milt...
  • Sep 11, 2019

    Got a Haul of Apples for Fall? Here’s What to Do With Them

    It’s that time of year again, when fresh apples are piled high at farmer’s markets. If you are lucky enough to live near an orchard, you can take the day and pick your own bushel of apples. But whether you are picking them at the market or off a tree, there are many great things to do with apples that...

  • Sep 10, 2019

    Hasbro Takes on the Gender Pay Gap With New Ms. Monopoly Game

    Hasbro wants to take the conversation over the gender pay gap out of the board room and into the living room with its new Ms. Monopoly game, launching this month. Dubbed “the first game where women make more than men,” the updated version of the classic board-game introduces new women-centric elements, starting with its titular character. Ms. Monop...
  • Sep 9, 2019

    Mattel Celebrates Day of the Dead With a New Doll

    Mattel said Monday it will release a doll honoring the Mexican holiday Day of the Dead, which begins next month. The doll will be named Barbie “Día De Muertos” and will have an outfit featuring hearts and butterfly details. It also will have a crown with monarch butterflies and bright marigolds, with its face painted with the traditiona...
  • Sep 9, 2019

    Target Set to Roll Out Its Revamped Loyalty Program Nationwide

    Target said Monday it will be taking its recently revamped loyalty program, called Target Circle, nationwide beginning Oct. 6. CNBC had reported back in February that Target was piloting the program, which includes new perks like a birthday reward, in five markets – including in Charlotte, North Carolina, and in Phoenix. Prior to that, Target Circl...
  • Sep 5, 2019

    ‘London Literary Pub’ Tour Brings Writers and Writing Home

    A bartender asks Gavin Smith whether he fancies a citrus pale ale or Kolsch-style lager at the Newman Arms — a London pub dating back to 1730. The 47-year-old Liphook, England, resident makes his choice, then walks to a spot where writer George Orwell reportedly drank his favorite ales. Orwell based the “Proles” pub in his dystopian novel, “1984,” ...
  • Sep 5, 2019

    WATCH: Kelly Clarkson Hosts ‘Clear the Shelters’ Special

    Kelly Clarkson hosts NBC’s fifth annual “Clear the Shelters” special. Watch the most memorable moments from across the country of this year’s animal adoption initiative.

  • Sep 5, 2019

    Freeze, Can, Pickle, Dry? Ways to Preserve Summer Produce

    In the last warm weeks of summer, it’s hard to imagine that today’s tomatoes, corn, peaches and other late-summer bounty will soon be just memories. But wait, they don’t have to be. With a bit of forethought, and a bit of time, we can safeguard some of this magnificent produce and draw upon it all winter long. When you preserve......
  • Sep 5, 2019

    With a Nudge From the Young and Sober, Mocktails Taking Hold

    Five years ago, for her 27th birthday, Lorelei Bandrovschi gave up drinking for a month on a dare. She was a casual drinker and figured it would be easy. It was, but she hadn’t banked on learning so much about herself in the process. “I realized that going out without drinking was something that I really enjoyed and that I...

  • Sep 4, 2019

    MTV’s ‘Jersey Shore’ House Is Available to Rent — Including the Duck Phone!

    Summer is unofficially over, but there’s still time to enjoy the beach! For an authentic New Jersey shore experience, why not stay at the very house used in MTV’s popular reality show, aptly named “Jersey Shore.” Get ready to GTL (aka, gym, tan and laundry), baby!

  • Aug 28, 2019

    The Places It’ll Go: Dr. Seuss Exhibition Hitting the Road

    Dr. Seuss is hitting the road this fall with a large interactive exhibit that will immerse visitors in some of the most iconic books by the beloved children’s writer. The exhibit is centered on a maze based on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go,” the Dr. Seuss book that urges children to explore the world and move mountains despite t...
  • Aug 27, 2019

    Barbie Releases Dolls Honoring Rosa Parks, Sally Ride

    Mattel has released new Barbie dolls that pay tribute to civil rights activist Rosa Parks and astronaut Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. The dolls, which were timed to coincide with Women’s Equality Day on Monday, are the latest in the Barbie’s “Inspiring Women” series. Parks was called the “mother of the...
  • Aug 26, 2019

    Disney Is Putting Dozens of Stores Inside Target Locations; Target Set to Open at Walt Disney World Resort

    Target on Sunday announced it’s opening dozens of permanent Disney stores within its own stores over the next year, as it invests in more unique ways to lure customers inside.

  • Aug 26, 2019

    KFC Will Soon Be Serving Vegan Fried Chicken — With Beyond Meat’s Help

    Colonel Sanders will soon be serving vegan fried chicken to see if customers think it’s finger lickin’ good. KFC will start testing plant-based fried chicken from Beyond Meat in an Atlanta restaurant on Tuesday. The test makes the Yum Brands subsidiary the first national U.S. fast-food chain to introduce a Beyond chicken item, beating Popeyes and C...
  • Aug 22, 2019

    Fans Choose Sides in the ‘Chicken Sandwich War’ of Our Time

    A nation already polarized finds itself divided once again, but this time politics isn’t at the heart of it: The blame lies squarely on a fried piece of poultry. People are choosing sides and beefing over chicken, thanks to Popeyes’ release of its crispy chicken sandwich and the social media debate that has followed. With just one addit...
  • Aug 22, 2019

    Youth Sports: Things Parents Need to Remember Before Getting Heated

    As school starts up again, so do Fall sports and after-school activities. Keynote speaker and life coach Hector Peñate reminds parents to check themselves when it comes to their child’s athletic endeavors.

  • Aug 22, 2019

    Back to School Sleep Schedule: Tips to Make Bedtime a Breeze

    It’s not just toddlers who struggle around bedtime. Older kids can also have trouble getting the sleep they need, especially around back to school season. Mom blogger Kristen Hewitt shares 6 sleep aids to ensure your child is well-rested and ready to learn!

  • Aug 21, 2019

    Don’t Want to Buy? You Can Borrow Household Items Too

    Amanda Blum enjoys trying new recipes and experimenting in the kitchen, but like many home cooks she’s reluctant to buy expensive and bulky kitchen appliances. So she was delighted to learn about Kitchen Share, a nonprofit near her home in Portland, Oregon, that loans out kitchen equipment. Bloom, who likes to preserve fruits and vegetables a...
  • Aug 21, 2019

    Doggy Con: a Pop Culture Convention for Canine Fanatics

    Atlanta’s scorching August heat didn’t stop Megan Nelson from slipping on a long faux fur coat and dressing up like Cruella de Vil for her first Doggy Con convention, a pet event for costumed canines inspired by the upcoming Dragon Con convention. Doggy Con drew hundreds of dog owners and spectators Saturday to an Atlanta park for their...
  • Aug 20, 2019

    Could We Be Any More Excited? ‘Friends’ Fans Nuts for Merch

    See your “Friends” on the big screen. Deck out your place with “Friends” furniture. Wear your “Friends” as jewelry. Heck, buy the “Friends” Lego set and pretend it’s for your kid. If you’re a “Friends” superfan, there are lots of ways to celebrate the show’s 25th annivers...
  • Aug 15, 2019

    Autumn Is Coming, So Of Course Pumpkin Spice Spam Is, Too

    The pumpkin spice phenomenon died Wednesday at age 16. The cause of death was the existence of Pumpkin Spice Spam. A publicist for Hormel Foods Corp. confirmed to NBC News on Wednesday that the company will begin selling a limited edition run of Pumpkin Spice Spam online at and on Sept. 23. Hormel first broached the idea two......
  • Aug 14, 2019

    ‘Plant Influencers’ Offer Decor Tips for Fall Houseplants

    Houseplants are a quick and easy way to dress your home in autumnal color. Anthuriums can add hues of pink, red or white. The philodendron’s cascading, heart-shaped green leaves bring a touch of the outdoors inside. And of course, the poinsettia’s red and green foliage is a popular choice for holiday décor. It’s no secret — housep...
  • Aug 14, 2019

    Healthy Breakfast on a Busy School Morning? It’s Not So Hard

    Breakfast, as you may have heard, is the most important meal of the day. That’s especially true for kids returning to school, who need fuel for energy and learning. But serving a healthy breakfast can feel like one more challenge for parents trying to get themselves and their kids out the door on time. Never fear. With a bit of...

  • Aug 14, 2019

    Spas Are Seeing More Men, a Less-Is-More Approach for Guests

    Spa visits and the money they generate reached record highs last year in the U.S. with $18.3 billion in revenue driven by 190 million pampering trips, according to the International Spa Association. The leading industry group for spa professionals recently held its 25th annual event for media to show off trends and services among its 2,300 members....
  • Aug 12, 2019

    Nike Is Entering the Subscription Business With a Kids’ Sneaker Club

    Nike is stepping into the subscription business. The No. 1 sneaker retailer in the U.S. is launching a subscription service for kids called Nike Adventure Club. It will allow parents to order shoes for their kids ages 2 to 10 either on a quarterly, bimonthly or monthly basis, paying monthly fees of $20, $30 or $50, respectively. The last option......
  • Aug 12, 2019

    Chick-Fil-A Adds Mac and Cheese to Its Menu, Making a Rare Change

    Chick-fil-A is rolling out a new menu item Monday: mac and cheese. The item is Chick-fil-A’s first permanent side addition to its menu since 2016. Unlike other fast-food competitors, the Atlanta-based company rarely adds new menu items. “We have a very high bar when it comes to adding a menu item, but the feedback from our customers in the test......
  • Aug 11, 2019

    What Is Natural Wine? And Is It Better for You?

    Natural wine might seem like an odd term. Isn’t all wine natural? Well, yes, sort of. The wine that’s dominated the market for the last few decades is made from fermented grape juice, so in a way, it is natural, but it can also contain a host of other ingredients and is often manipulated both on the vine and in......
  • Aug 9, 2019

    Give Yourself a Fruity Citrus Makeover

    What better way to make your style more colorful this summer then with citrus-inspired looks. Anything coral, orange, or ruby-red is in! Celebrity makeup artist Ashley Glazer has some fruity styles and sweet suggestions just for you.

  • Aug 9, 2019

    Here’s What’s Shakin’ at BarBacon

    Essentially everything goes well with bacon, and BarBacon in the Union Square neighborhood of New York City is proof of that. Peter Sherman, the chef and owner of BarBacon, was inspired to open the restaurant as he noticed the food industry was having success with individual food themes at the time. And bacon represents salt, fat, and smoke, and al...
  • Aug 9, 2019

    Spend a Day at ‘World of Fruit’ in Hollywood, Calif.

    If you are looking for something fun and sweet to do in Hollywood, then go to World of Fruit! The creator, Andrew Zhou, put together eight rooms that immerse you in the World of Fruit and all its sweetness. Here are three or four rooms that standout:

  • Aug 9, 2019

    Here Are Some Wonderful Ways to Use Watermelon

    In celebration of National Watermelon Day, entertainment editor Paul Zahn has some tips to make your guests feel one-in-a-melon!

  • Aug 9, 2019

    Here Is How to Choose Your Perfect Summer Retreat

    Does the summer heat make you dream of a summer getaway? Hamptons realtor Joseph Piccininni from Coldwell Banker has some advice for what to consider when looking for the perfect home to buy or rent. “There is no better way to enjoy the season then owning your own summer retreat,” Piccininni said. “Whether it’s in the mountains, or the bucolic......
  • Aug 9, 2019

    Here Are 4 Basics to Teach Your Kids About Finance

    Having kids is the joy of a lifetime for parents, but they come with a high cost. During the summer, bills pile up, as the kids want to stay busy at the pool or camp and eat-up at the ice cream truck. Yet it is never too early to make your kids aware of financial responsibility, whether it be savings...

  • Jul 31, 2019

    You Can Now Try Glow-in-the-Dark Ramen at!

    Wanting to try something new to light up your night life? Then try!’s glow-in-the-dark ramen noodle dish. Wondering what the neon noodle is and how it is edible? Well, Romey, who is the neon noodle’s project manager, is here to explain this electrifying meal. Originally developed by the creative agency Dashboard, the neon noodle is a na...
  • Jul 31, 2019

    Tips for Hosting the Perfect Picnic

    The summer is one of the best seasons for picnicking, but organizing the meal can feel like a hassle. Interior designer Jennifer Moreau shared some tips and techniques to make the most of on-the-go entertainment time. Her first recommendation was to be prepared, especially when picnicking far from home. Bringing a survival kit can be helpful. Morea...
  • Jul 31, 2019

    Here Are Toys That Will Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

    Summer may be more than halfway over, but your kids are probably more than halfway bored, and you may be more than halfway ready for them to go back to school. Veronica Lepere, the publisher of Kiddos magazine, has some hot toys for you to keep your kids busy:

  • Jul 31, 2019

    Exercises to Ease Sciatica Pain

    Sciatica pain impacts about 40 percent of people, but there are a range of exercises that can help to ease the discomfort. The pain caused by sciatica is numbing and searing, according to Maggie Downie, the founder of Personal Euphoria. Because it is the thickest nerve in the body, pain can also appear in the butt, thigh and calf, and...

  • Jul 31, 2019

    Here Is the Ultimate Honeymoon Destination: St. Lucia

    “Let her inspire you,” St. Lucia’s tourism board likes to tell visitors, as they seemingly allude to the islands beauty and gorgeousness. In an extremely instagrammable setting, St. Lucia is filled with iconic homegrown resorts where attention to detail and personalized service is what captures you, bringing you back time and time...
  • Jul 30, 2019

    How to Avoid Summer Brain Drain

    With just under a month until school gets underway, the Hub Today’s Maria Sansone shared some tips to help kids keep their brains active during the summer months. In two month stretch when school is not in session, kids can experience “brain drain” and forget what they have learned. “Brain drain happens when kids are out of school and not...
  • Jul 30, 2019

    New York Themed Pastries Featured in Dominique Ansel’s Special Summer Collection

    To celebrate Dominique Ansel’s 15 years in New York City, the pastry chef has created a series of nine treats inspired by his time living in the Big Apple. “I just wanted to celebrate my time here in New York,” Ansel said. “I’ve learned a lot about the culture, about the city, about the food, about what makes New York...

  • Jul 30, 2019

    How to Treat Tick Bites, Poison Ivy, and Other Summer Ailments

    If summer is making you itch, then Minuteclinic Nurse Practitioner Patricia Baginski is here to help. Here are her tips for tick bites, poison ivy, and more:

  • Jul 30, 2019

    1 in 4 Delivery Drivers Admit to Tasting Your Food Before Delivering It, Survey Finds

    Food delivery apps are becoming increasingly popular, even in suburban areas of the U.S. But is convenience worth it if delivery drivers are sampling diners’ dinners? A recent survey conducted by restaurant food supplier US Foods examined consumer and delivery worker “habits and pain points” when it comes to both ordering and deli...
  • Jul 29, 2019

    The Class: Strengthening the Mind-Body Connection Through Exercise

    The Class by Taryn Toomey is an exercise experience that combines meditative movement with cardio, encourages students to yell, and uses a carefully curated playlist to help foster a mind-body connection. “In The Class, we ‘work out’ mental and emotional behaviors to create new tools for experiencing life,” Toomey told NBC. “The vibe is very ethere...
  • Jul 25, 2019

    Weight Loss Among Fat-Acceptance Influencers a Fraught Topic

    Fashion and lifestyle blogger Maui Bigelow has always been curvy and built a social media presence by embracing every pound. Until the worst happened. At nearly 380 pounds, her health took a dive. She was diagnosed with a blood cancer and multiple uterine fibroids that couldn’t be treated due to her weight. That’s when she decided to ha...
  • Jul 25, 2019

    Plant Lovers Find Each Other at Swaps, Online or in Person

    Plant lovers have long gotten together to trade seeds and growing advice, and the latest generation is following suit with modern plant swaps. The swaps (sometimes called plant exchanges) for amateur horticulturalists are popping up in homes, parking lots, trendy gardening stores and online. They’re about exchanging advice and meeting like-mi...
  • Jul 25, 2019

    Concrete Planters Are Easy, Cheap to Make

    What’s the difference between cement and concrete? In my case, about $9.55 pounds and a slightly sore back. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, cement is an ingredient in concrete, which also includes aggregates like sand, gravel or stone. I knew nothing about either product when I decided to try making some rustic/industrial plant...
  • Jul 5, 2019

    23,000 Customers Vote Chick-Fil-A Best Fast-Food Chain in America

    Fast-food chain Chick-fil-A, headquartered in College Park, Georgia, has ranked as the best fast-food chain for customer satisfaction in the country for 2018-2019, according to American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). ACSI, a company that provides data for customer evaluations in 46 industries, says it used data from interviews with 23,468 cust...
  • Apr 29, 2019

    Save the Date: Help Clear the Shelters on August 17

    The dog days of summer are here and as the mercury rises, so does the spirits of shelter animals around the country. That’s because Clear the Shelters is back. NBC and Telemundo stations’ are teaming up with shelters nationwide on Aug. 17 for the fifth annual animal adoption drive.

  • Aug 6, 2018

    Odd Couples: These Unlikely Animal Friendships Will Warm Your Heart

    From pit bulls to ponies, owners share how they eased their animals into living in harmony — despite some obvious differences.

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