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Some of The Funniest Things Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg Said About the Olympics

The comic and the rapper are hosting a new Olympic highlights show on Peacock

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Kevin Hart. Snoop Dogg. The Olympics?


The comedy and rap icons are hosting an Olympic highlights show on Peacock, with the first episode dropping July 23 and three more since.

You'll have to sign up for Peacock to see the best bits, but here are some highlights to whet your appetite.

Kevin Hart on Lydia Jacoby's gold medal despite limited training resources

"I'm not shocked at that at all. I actually would expect there to be only one 50 meter pool in Alaska. There's a lot of things that there's only one of on Alaska."

Snoop weighs in on skeet shooting

"It was a game on Nintendo back in the day that was similar to this."

Snoop on who's in charge

"I don't want Kevin gettin' none of that. He don't get that, because I don't think the camera go that low" - the tall Snoop on the less-tall Hart getting close-up shots

Snoop on preparing for the Olympics

"I feel like when we watch these types of events we always got something to say but there's nobody saying what we would say" - the rapper on the special brand of commentary he and Hart are bringing to the Games

It wasn't all jokes, though - both Snoop and Hart conducted serious interviews with a number of key Olympic athletes.

Nyjah Huston on Olympic skateboarding

"Big time for me, big time for skateboarding, it's a reality now - it's happening" - Nyjah Huston on his sport's Olympic debut

Snoop's advice for Will Claye on jumping false starts

"What you gotta do, wear some smaller shoes ... put on some size 6s?"

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