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McDonald's Food Truly Stands Test of Time



    McDonald's Food Truly Stands Test of Time
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
    A McDonald's Corp. Big Mac meal is arranged for a photograph outside of a restaurant in San Francisco, California, U.S., on Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014.

    It may be no surprise that McDonald's food perseveres in the face of decay, reported. 

    But an Icelander found out just how far the fast-food chain's products last for. 

    In October 2009, McDonald's was shuttering its restaurants in Iceland as a result of the worldwide economic crash.

    On Oct. 30 that year, anthropologist Hjörtur Smárason stopped by the fast food chain just before it closed its doors for one last meal. But he never meant to eat it.

    Instead, Smárason stashed the cheeseburger and fries away to see what would happen as time ticked by.

    After three years, he took a peek. To his surprise, the meal looked as fresh as the day he bought it. And it hasn't aged since then.