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See Levi Johnston's PG-13 "Playgirl" Spread has dropped a teaser of Levi Johnston's spread.



    Meet Four Inspiring Kids Tackling Cancer revealed this teaser image of Bristol Palin's ex, Levi Johnston.

    Levi Johnston is keeping it classy. Well, kind of. has dropped a teaser of Levi Johnston's anticipated "Playgirl" spread in a limited “full-frontal” exposure -- and like a security blanket, Levi Johnston, 19, uses his hockey stick to cross-check away his "puck."

    Well-oiled in a classic black-and-white shot, Levi poses in clever angles to only show enough -- without revealing the goodies. Sorry, ladies, it's strictly PG-13.

    Johnston was reportedly paid upwards of $100,000 for the “Playgirl” shoot, a massive paycheck for the kid who shot to fame after fathering Bristol Palin's baby during conservative mom Sarah Palin's vice-presidential campaign.

    Levi and the Palin clan have waged a public war over little Tripp for the past several months, as Levi swore last week he'd drag the Palins into court to win custody of his kid.

    Sarah Palin said on "Oprah" Monday she felt sorry for Johnston, who she said was doing "porn."