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    It's hard to believe it was over five years ago that an up-and-comer by the name of Dierks Bentley dominated the country airwaves (and my CD player) singing about little white tank tops in his first hit "What Was I Thinkin'." And since then Dierks has refused to slow down.

    Whether it's heart-pumping, thunderous songs about his "love 'em and leave 'em" attitude and nonconformist lifestyle that guys can sing along to, or sensitive ballads that make the ladies swoon, Dierks accomplishes all that and much more on his new album, "Feel That Fire."

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    The album's title track and first single, "Feel That Fire," is simply good-time country music, which is exactly what Dierks is all about. And, in keeping with his often used, heartbreaker/on-the-road theme, "Life on the Run" starts out with an electric guitar sounding like a revved up motorcycle and is followed by Dierks singing about being an outlaw, unable to give his heart to anyone.

    But don't forget Dierks' sensitive side. Cue the swooning, which is likely to occur listening to his sweet love song, "I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes."

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    I must admit, though, I got a little overly excited when I first heard "Beautiful World," his duet with one of my favorite singers: Patty Griffin. I swear I'm not being biased… (OK, maybe just little) but this is definitely my favorite song on the album. Their voices blend really well together and the message of the song is positive and uplifting.

    Dierks has spent the last five years establishing himself as a free-wheeling troubadour, writing songs about his independent nature and his need to live life to its fullest. But he's also not afraid to write about the sweeter, simple things in life: faith, love, and having someone's shoulder to rest your head upon. His is fun, relatable, and liberating music.

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