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Tragically Hip: Camel's Williamsburg Hipster Cigarettes



    You know that the death of the hipster is imminent when cancer's involved, although Camel must see it differently. The cigarette brand is cashing in on hipsters, specifically those residing in Williamsburg, with its "Break Free" campaign.

    We're not entirely sure what's sadder: the campaign itself or anyone who would buy into it. While it's true that hipsters have shown a tendency to brace unlikely products and styles with a good dose of irony, Camel's homage to Williamsburg and its inhabitants lands it smack in poseur territory. Just read the description on the back of the packaging:

    Some call it the most famous hipster neighborhood. But it's not about hip, it's about breaking free. It's about last call, a sloppy kiss goodbye and a solo saunter to a rock show in an abandoned building. It's where a tree grows. It's Camel in the Williamsburg corner of Brooklyn.

    The city's Health Commissioner is already putting up a major stink about the cancer sticks, which won't be in stores until January, so we'll just say this: hipster-posing or not, there's nothing genuinely cool about dying.