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Tommy Hilfiger Launches a Radio Station



    To launch the upcoming LOUD fragrances by Hilfiger Denim, Tommy Hilfiger kicked off the year-long, 24/7 LOUD digital radio station.

    LOUD radio went live yesterday via the designer's UK site, offering Americans the chance to get in on the music-laced launch campaign. The station's DJs will keep in rotation artists like Sleigh Bells and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, in addition to the Ting Tings, who are headlining the LOUD European tour, and who even wrote a song, We're Not the Same for the new scents.

    You can listen to LOUD radio here and watch the Ting Tings video and learn more via the Tommy Facebook page here.

    Hilfiger is celebrating quite a hip 25th-anniversary year. On the heels of the Strokes playing Hilfiger's spring 2011 runway show, the Ting Tings take Tommy across Europe, certainly reinforcing the age-old love affair between fashion and rock-and-roll.