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Spain's Iconic Bag Brand Loewe Coming to America



    Known in Spain as the premier luxury handbag brand, Loewe is finally making its entree into the States via New York, launching a spring line at Bergdorf's and select boutiques.

    Loewe's hallmark Amazona bag is aiming to reach the same iconic status for American women that it has for our European and Asian counterparts. (Japanese ladies especially, as Loewe has a whopping 40 stores there.) With its sumptuous fabric and leather linings and classic, boxy shape, we think it stands a chance.  And perhaps thanks to its Spanish pedigree, the ultimate status bag entertains a certain joie de vivre with its color palette, including hues like lemon yellow and hot pink.  The bags, which retail just under $2K, have been spotted on celebs including Madonna and Sienna Miller (well they do live in London) and Jennifer Lopez, setting up for quite a splash stateside.

    Loewe was founded in 1846 and still maintains impeccable craftsmanship - each bag is rumored to take 10-12 hours to create. And to help kick off the American launch, the company brought in an artisan to demonstrate just how it's done.