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A September Issue Weigh-In. Literally.



    The Wrap not only weighed in on the best and worst of this year's September issues,  but they actually weighed each magazine. Here's now they stacked up—

    The entire bunch tipped the scale at a hefty 16.58 pounds, with Vogue's 2.89-pound book coming in, not surprisingly, as the heaviest. This year's crop showed a gain over last September's paltry, recession-era starvation weight of 15.34 pounds, but still hasn't bulked itself up to 2008's 21-pound back-breakers.

    Notorious for being the year's biggest issues, the magazines certainly live up to their notoriety. This year a September Glamour actually broke a reader's toe when she accidentally dropped it, prompting an apology from editor-in-chief Cindi Levine. Our own backs have suffered under the density of fall reading, so perhaps Anna Wintour, Robbie Meyers or Glenda Bailey can suggest a good physical therapist? 

    But, we digress. Click here for the complete, hilarious rundown of the non-digital paper leviathan that is the September issue.