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Purse Purge: Collina Strada Designer Carries Aesop Balms, Incense



    We were obsessed with Hillary Taymour's handbag long before we got a peek inside it. More precisely, we've dug her collection of unusual, layered-leather handbags, Collina Strada, ever since we profiled the designer two years ago as a Thread "One to Watch."

    Tucked inside her own leather "Tryst" satchel, Taymour's chic essentials (which include heavy duty RTH kilt pins and creamy lip balms by Aesop), give us even more reasons to watch the handbag maven's every move.

    1. Theirry Lasry Sunnies - "I love these sunglasses because they make any outfit glamorous."

    2. Collina Strada "Rico" Pouch - "This wallet pouch is perfect for storing my little treasures—and the receipts for them."
    3. RTH Pins - "You never know when you'll need them. These pins are pure utilitarian beauty. They're great to have as back-up for any situation."
    4. Aesop Lip Cream in Rosehip Seed - "Aesop lip cream is super hydrating, and great during the summer."
    5. Dhoop Incense Sticks - "Dhoop sticks are small and easy to carry. While traveling, they are great to clear the space and make you feel instantly at home."

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