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Purse Purge: Amanda Ford Carries Stella Shades, Ninja Turtles Keychain



    We always consult Amanda Ford's avant-garde fashion blog, IS MENTAL, whenever we need to add a little edge to our wardrobes. Luckily, now we can do the same for our handbags: ferocious Stella McCartney shades, "Foam" Magazine and a sugar lip scrub all made the cut.

    1. Comme des Garcons Black Polka-Dot Wallet: "Best wallet purchase ever! I actually got it from the CDG store in Tokyo when I was there so it feels extra special."
    2. LUSH Sweet Lips Lip Scrub: "I hate dry lips, HATE them, so I like to have this on hand to scrub off chapped skin. Plus, you can eat it off afterward!"
    3. MAC Lady Danger Lipstick: "Sometimes you need a pop of color for those last-minute plans. Red always makes a lazy outfit look stylish somehow."
    4. Margiela Untitled Perfume Sample: "I never actually bought this perfume, cause the sample has lasted me forever!"
    5. Orbit Sweet Mint Gum: "The only flavor of gum I chew."
    6. Stella McCartney Sunglasses: "I used to regularly rotate my sunnies, but since buying these last year, they have become attached to my face!"
    7. "Foam" Magazine: "Quite addicted to this mag as of late, so I typically carry it around when the latest issue arrives.
    8. Supreme Stash Pouch: "I'm mad for snakeskin at the moment so love this thing! It houses anything loose that can get lost in my bag (when I'm being organized)."
    9.  iPhone 4: "Never leaves my side."
    10. Frends Headphones: "Picked these up at the Burton store. They are pretty good quality, affordable headphones and essential for the daily commute!
    11. Clinique Pressed Powder: "I've been using this since I started wearing makeup. It does the job!"
    12. Moleskine: "I forget things a lot, so I'm trying to get better about writing down what's important."
    13. Keys: "So many! At least I know Raphael is my apt key."