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Patricia Field: SATC, Before and Beyond



    Most of us know Patricia Field as the wardrobe maven behind the Sex & the City franchise, whose cherry-hued hair complements both her outrageously fun, utterly original style sense and her oversized personality, but perhaps that's us just showing our age. As a profile and interview in WWD says, Field, who's also a retailer and fashion designer, has been part of New York's style scene for decades now. In 1966 she opened her eponymous shop, now located on Bowery, prior to launching her own label, House of Field, in the mid-90's.

    Besides Carrie Bradshaw and the other dames of SATC, Field's responsible for costuming many fashionable casts, not surprisingly, most of which have had some role or another in the style department. In addition to dressing up the staff of Runway magazine for ABC's "Ugly Betty," Field also lent her expertise to "Cashmere Mafia," a short-lived series by SATC director Darren Star that was expected to appeal to the same demographic. Meryl Streep's unforgettable title-referenced character in "The Devil Wears Prada" donned Prada chosen by Field—as did Anne Hathaway, whose transformation from schlubby college grad to fierce fashionista was equally memorable. "Confessions of a Shopaholic" was another Field project, and while the movie may have not have been as successful as past ones, the sartorial eye-candy was arugably the most compelling reason to watch.

    When it comes to these lighthearted chick flicks, it's usually the outfits that leave the biggest impressions, which says a great deal about Patricia Field's influence. Clearly, clothes do make the movie—and Field's role is a marquee one.