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Amuse-Bouche: Fashionable Looks From the Cooks



    From Barneys' foodie-focused holiday windows to garments both inspired by and actually made from edibles, food and fashion have been enjoying a sweet marriage of late. Now Eater brings us a more fashion-driven item from their food-focused annals: trendcasting, chef-style.

    While we're not talking runway looks or anything really boundary-pushing, there are some clear trends to the off-duty wardrobes of the city's chefs—many of which happen to be in the spotlight as frequently as they are in the kitchen. The round-up includes: chunky-framed glasses; retro, newsy-style flat caps; the disheveled young Republican's blue oxford shirt (usually untucked); the dressed-up folk rocker a la "Last Waltz," and there's a special shout-out to Marcus Samuelsson, for his sartorial aptitude at pulling off just about anything he throws on.

    Our only complaint: what about the ladies?