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In Stores Today: Brooks Brothers' "Mad Men" Suit



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    Brooks Brothers

    Brooks Brothers is turning into a man cave of Manhattans and Martinis to unveil the show's costume designer, Janie Bryant's limited-edition Mad Men Suit for the classic men's shop.

    The gray sharkskin suit rocks a distinctly narrow cut, narrow lapels, diagonal pockets and side vents. Throw in a skinny tie, a Manhattan and a cigarette (in the office, at 1am) and you've got Draper and Sterling down to a tee. Once the stock of 250 suits drops, they'll be on sale through the season, until the show's finale November 8.  

    We'll be waiting to see the real deal and likely, drag our dudes down to the store, and with a new episode just having premiered, we're sure the excitement has hit a fever pitch to buy these crisp looks. Just think: One of these suits and you'll have the "Mad Men" look nailed for Halloween.