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Filmmaker Fights R Rating for "The Tillman Story"



    "The Tillman Story"

    This damning film, which The Playlist called, "a thriller disguised as a documentary," tells the story of how the U.S. government lied about the circumstances surrounding the death of NFL star turned enlisted man Pat Tillman. (Published Tuesday, June 22, 2010)

    The folks behind "The Tillman Story" are fighting back against the Motion Picture Association of America's decision to burden their film with an R rating because of "excessive language."

    Cpl. Pat Tillman walked away from a lucrative NFL career to fight for his country in Iraq and Afghanistan, but was tragically killed by friendly fire, something U.S. Army investigators tried to keep under wraps.

    Director Amir Bar Lev is concerned that the R rating will make it even harder for people to learn about the military's handling of Tillman's death.

    “The language in this film is not gratuitous. I think this is how many people would react when faced with the unthinkable," Bar Lev told Deadline. "Giving this film an 'R' rating prevents young people from seeing this film; the very people who should be exposed to a great American like Pat Tillman.”

    This is the second war documentary this month to run afoul of the MPAA. "A Film Unfinished," from Beastie Boy Adam Yauch's Oscilloscope Laboratories, takes a look at the Holocaust.

    That film earned an R for "disturbing images of Holocaust atrocities including graphic nudity," a decision the rap star dismissed as "bull****."