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"Let the Right One In" Remake Promises to Be "Darker" Than "Twilight"



    Matt Reeves, who is directing the remake of "Let the Right One In," promises his vampire flick will be darker than "Twilight." It had better be.

    "'Twilight' is kind of a fantasy, this will be a darker, scarier kind of journey," Reeves told MTV in a phone interview.

    Considering the tone of the respective films, this point should've been self-evident -- especially to Reeves..

    "Reeves hasn’t done much to assuage concerns that his remake will be a sloppy and asinine shadow of the original," said The Playlist. "He goes on to describe the film as a 'beautiful coming-of-age story' and as 'being about the difficulties of growing up.' So it will be darker than 'Twilight,' but maybe not as dark as an episode of '7th Heaven.'"

    The cast does feature two very talented actors in Kodi Smit-McPhee of "The Road," and Chloe Grace Moretz of the much buzzed "Kick-Ass."

    There's almost zero chance the remake will live up to the expectations of the original's fans, so getting worked up about it seems pointless. Folks should wait for the first footage to leak before spitting nails.