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Bloomberg Defends Troublemaking Statues



    The NYPD could use a little arts education. 

    That was the joking suggestion from Mayor Bloomberg after the Police Department reportedly responded to a series of 911 calls from people worried someone was about to jump from a ledge on the Empire State Building.  Turns out the jumper was.... a statue.  (Part of a citywide art project called "Event Horizon.") 
    If you're not familiar with the exhibition, you've undoubtedly seen the picture of a redfaced Mayor Bloomberg walking past a rather nude male statue in Madison Square Park.  
     Bloomberg blushed when the subject came up today.  "This guy's art is interesting."
    When asked if the statues should be removed from the ledges of the Empire State,  Bloomberg said "No. It's a great exhibition."  Then he urged reporters to write more about it so the NYPD will know there's no threat.  "If your arts section really writes the story about this, then people will know that it's great art, including our police department."