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Comic Katie Schorr: I'm Proud of My Role in Trojan Ad



    Comedic actress Katie Schorr, who has appeared in CollegeHumor videos, said last night that she's proud of what has become perhaps her best-known gig: her role in Trojan condom commercials.

    “I just liked that it was such an earnest and sincere person talking about a really grottie thing,” the 27-year old funnywoman told Niteside at her solo show "Did I Do That?" at Joe's Pub in Manhattan on Monday night.

    “I feel like I look earnest and sincere, but I can talk about less palatable things and make them funny.”

    Schorr said she is focused on establishing a career out of making people laugh, with her current focus on writing a new web series called “Efficient Officiant.”

    “It’s about a wedding officiant and his girlfriend manager who are failing to make a business out of marrying people,” said Schorr, who co-stars in the series with boyfriend Lance Rubin. “I love to do things that I think are genuinely funny like this.”

    Rubin also joins Schorr on stage as a backup band member during “Did I Do That?,” which recounts an eight-month period during Schorr’s college years where she focused on losing her virginity. She recalls stories from a fraternity formal, a spring break trip in Jamaica and negative experiences she had while volunteering in the Dominican Republic.

    Aside from her web series, Schorr said that right now she is most interested in acting on a TV drama, specifically playing the comedic relief character. 

    “I love the people on dramas who bring in their sense of humor and add a little comedy to what is a really bleak world,” Schorr said. “Although, if ‘The Office’ wants to hire me, I’ll do it.”