Spotted Without Wedding Ring, Mayor de Blasio Explains Its Native American Design

"It was meant to be and I love my ring and I love my wife," the mayor said

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    Mayor de Blasio on Friday told the story behind his unique Native American-inspired wedding band, which he said "screamed out" to him in a store in Greenwich Village the day before he married his wife.

    De Blasio, who was asked about the ring after he was spotted not wearing it Friday, said he had forgotten to put it on.

    "It's there in my little drawer, and sometimes I remember in the rush to put it on and sometimes I don't, but I know exactly where it is," the Democrat told reporters at City Hall.

    He then said he had been waiting for someone to ask him about the ring.

    "No one's asked what it is and I find that quite amazing," he said.

    The ring is a "Native American Zuni Indian ring," he said, that struck him as he and his bride shopped for wedding bands in a Greenwich Village store the day before their wedding. 

    "Chirlane and I had not been able to find a ring we found interesting enough to wear, with all due respect to other types of rings," he recalled.

    The couple was looking around the store, and the "multi-stone" piece of jewelry struck him, he said.

    It "screamed out to us at the very last moment," the mayor said. "It was meant to be and I love my ring and I love my wife."

    Zuni Indians are part of a federally recognized tribe, mostly located in New Mexico.