Two Credit Card Skimming Machines Found at Long Island Gas Stations

The machines were found at stations in Roslyn and Greenvale.

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    Kevin Ferraro
    This is an example of a credit card skimming machine.

     Police are investigating two credit card skimming devices found in two separate locations in Nassau County.

    A victim of the skimming contacted the Gulf Gas Station on Northern Boulevard in Roslyn after finding fraudulent charges on his credit card, which he only uses at that station. The owner of the gas station then had the pump inspected by the company that services the pumps.
    After the device was discovered, it was turned over to the Nassau County police department and brought to the attention of the Crimes Against Property Squad. 
    The company technician continued to check other stations that he services nearby and found another skimming device at a Mobile Gas station in Greenvale.
    Detectives ask that anybody with information on the two credit card skimming machines to contact Nassau COunty Crime Stoppers at 1-88-244-TIPS.
    They also ask that any customer who uses these stations to check their statements for fraudulent charges.