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"The Wrestler" Actor Sentenced For Steroids



    Scott Siegel, an actor who was in the movie "The Wrestler," is sentenced for dealing steroids.

    A New Rochelle Man who appeared in the hit film "The Wrestler" was sentenced to 5 years in prison for dealing steroids.  Scott Siegel was sentenced in White Plains federal court two years after he led Drug Enforcement Agents on a wild chase through Eastchester

    Siegel was caught after he smashed his truck into a car with agents inside and then drove his Cadillac Escalade through a fence before being arrested.

    In all, more than 1,400 bottles of steroids and $100,000 in cash was seized as part of the investigation.  Siegel's lawyer claimed his client "accepted responsibility for his actions."

    In the hit film, Siegel plays the role of a steroid dealer who sells the drugs to wrestlers.  Defense lawyers had sought a two year prison sentence but Judge Kenneth Karas sentenced Siegel to 63 months because of the violence during the incident and the seriousness of the steroid dealing charges.