Teen With Box Cutter, Fake Uzi Arrested on Weapons Charges

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    The fake Uzi was found in the teen's bag along with a real box cutter, law enforcement sources aid.

    A Queens high school student who stashed a fake Uzi in his bag along with a real box-cutter has been charged with weapons possession by the NYPD.

    Law enforcement sources tell NBC New York there are "no indications he was making threats," but detectives still want to know why the teen, a student at Flushing High School, carried those items with him.

    He's been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of a weapon.

    A school aide alerted police after she received an anonymous phone call about a student in a classroom with "a gun in his bag."

    The teen has been released and is home with his parents, according to police.

    It is unclear if he has obtained a lawyer.