Teen Arrested in Cell Phone Robbery Not Related to Man Who Collapsed, Died During NYPD Pursuit of Suspect: Official

The teen is not related to the man who collapsed and died during a police search

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    Police have made an arrest in the cell phone robbery that led police to search homes in Brooklyn, where a man collapsed and died as officers were investigating.

    Seventeen-year-old Stephon Foster was arrested for allegedly stealing a woman's cell phone on a street in Brownsville early Friday morning, a law enforcement official said. Investigators matched him to the fingerprints on the stolen phone, which was recovered Thursday.

    Police were chasing Foster early Thursday, and lost sight of him at an apartment building on Rockaway Parkway in Brownsville.

    They began going from door to door in the building.

    At one home, cops encountered a man and saw his teenage son behind him. They believed it was the suspect they were chasing, officials said.

    The robbery victim was brought to the building to see if she could identify the teen, but she wasn't 100 percent sure, so police let him go.

    Shortly afterward, the man, identified as 43-year-old Carlo Alcis, began experiencing seizure symptoms, police said. The officers called for EMS and started CPR on him.

    When EMS arrived, Alcis was unconscious; he was declared dead on the scene. 

    A law enforcement official said Foster lives in the same building as Alcis, but was not related to his family and was not in Alcis' apartment.

    Internal Affairs is investigating.