Robotic Doormen Replacing Humans in NYC Condos

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    Human...or robot?

    Someone's got two kids on the corner of Spring St. and Broadway selling Obama condoms, "for long and hard times." *snare* [Marbury]

    Like brick oven pizza? Here's an interview with someone who built their own backyard oven to get your started. [Slice]

    The Standard Hotel, recently accused of being a window into the sex lives of humanity, is promising to make an effort to "remind guests of the transparency" of their floor-to-ceiling windows. [Curbed]

    A handful of new condos have installed robotic doormen, that do everything from video security and alarm systems to handling deliveries and greeting visitors. [Brooklyn Eagle]

    There is a huge tree on 163rd Street in Washington Heights. So, one might ask, what's the deal? The Awl takes a look. [The Awl]

    The Red Hook Lobster Pound is opening a pop-up lobster spot at Rocky Sullivan's in Red Hook, where they will serve lobsters between 6 and 9pm every Friday through the end of the year. [Eater]

    Can you guess how many celebrities are living off a lifetime supply of free Burger King hamburgers? Here's your answer. [Harper's Index]

    A number of stores in the Lower East Side will be headed to London as part of an exchange program, and we'll get a number of clothing boutiques, jewelers, and a body products shop. [City Room]