Long Island School Official Takes Aim at "Toilet Tax" | NBC New York

Long Island School Official Takes Aim at "Toilet Tax"

A Nassau County school board president says the "toilet tax" for schools in his district could drain $87,000 a year from the budget and hurt educational programs

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    A New York school official is among those taking aim at a Nassau County sewer fee.

    East Williston School Board President Mark Kamberg is fuming over what critics are calling a "toilet tax" for schools.

    Kamberg said Wednesday that the fee could drain $87,000 a year from his district's budget, hurting educational programs.

    He notes that the Wheatley School, in the East Williston district, doesn't even use the sewer system.

    The fee is currently on hold while school districts mount a challenge.

    Supporters feel it's a question of potty parity. Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano says homeowners deserve a little relief.