Livery Drivers May Get Street Pickup Rights | NBC New York

Livery Drivers May Get Street Pickup Rights



    State lawmakers have voted to let New York City livery cab drivers legally pick up street hails in the city's four outer boroughs and northern Manhattan.

    Legislation passed Friday night by the Senate is backed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and already passed the state Assembly.

    It would end the exclusive right of the city's 13,000 yellow medallion cabs to pick up street hails.

    Trying to reach underserved areas, backers would allow 30,000 street pickup permits to for-hire vehicles for $1,500 each, reserving midtown and lower Manhattan and airport street hails for yellow cabs whose medallions cost almost $700,000 each.

    Backers say an amendment will impose the same 50-cent surcharge on the livery cabs as on yellow cabs.

    A spokesman says the governor's office is reviewing whether to sign the bill.