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Creature Roaming Greenwich Is Mountain Lion: Officials



    The brown blur in the center of the screen is believed to be the mountain lion scaring Greenwich, Conn.

    Residents of Greenwich, Conn. are being warned not to approach the mountain lion believed to be roaming the area.

    Connecticut environmental officials say it appears the big cat that has been spotted roaming the town of Greenwich is definitely a mountain lion.

    Mountain Lion Spotted in Greenwich

    [NY] Mountain Lion Spotted in Greenwich
    Greenwich residents are being warned about a mountain lion roaming the area.
    (Published Thursday, June 9, 2011)

    Department of Environmental Protection officials are basing that conclusion on paw prints and a blurry photo (above) of the animal.

    Joseph Cassone, conservation assistant for the town of Greenwich, said the photo shows an animal clearly identified as a mountain lion because of its long, straight tail.

    "Don't approach it," he said. "Remain in your car or building. Call us."

    Mountain lions have been declared extinct in this part of the country, but DEP officials say this could be an animal that has been released or escaped from a local handler.

    Police say there have been three sightings of the large cat in the last week, the latest on Sunday near the Brunswick School.

    A charity walk scheduled at the prep school for the weekend has been moved because of concern for the safety of participants.