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Foot Fetish Middle School Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Student



    Wayne Bartley

    A former junior high school teacher with an apparent foot fetish had sex with a 13-year-old female student and coerced another student into sending nude pictures of herself --including snapshots of her feet -- to his iPhone, according to a city investigation report released today.

    Wayne Bartley, 46, a former science teacher at IS 229 in the Bronx, allegedly engaged in a 14-month sexual relationship with the then 13-year-old, which included visits to the Paradise Motor Inn in the Bronx, according to a report released today by Special Schools Investigator Richard Condon.

    During the 2008-2009 school year, Bartley relocated to IS 392 in Brooklyn, where he allegedly targeted another 13-year-old student by requesting naked pictures of herself as well as shots of her feet.

    Investigators were alerted by the girl's father, who grew concerned that Bartley was calling his daughter.

    According to the investigation, Bartley told the girl that she was his favorite student and wished to photograph her in the nude.

    Bartley then targeted yet another underage student during his recent stint as an eighth grade teacher at KIPP AMP Middle School in Brooklyn. After the school's graduation on June 22, Bartley paid for the 15-year-old student's manicure and pedicure -- and massaged her feet with lotion.

    Bartley earned about $60,000 a year from 2005-2008. Bartley was fired from the Brooklyn charter school after administrators learned of the investigation.