Airport Inspectors Work Without Pay Amid FAA Impasse | NBC New York

Airport Inspectors Work Without Pay Amid FAA Impasse



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    FAA administrator Randy Babbitt says airport safety inspectors nationwide are working without pay and shouldering travel expenses themselves as the agency's budget crisis enters a second week.

    The 40 inspectors are in charge of annual inspections covering runways, navigation aids and other systems at dozens of airports and airlines.

    A typical inspector may travel to five airports in a two-week period and rack up thousands of dollars in hotel and airline tickets. Babbitt says they're being asked to put those expenses on their personal credit cards.

    The inspectors are among 4,000 FAA employees furloughed last week after Congress refused to authorize FAA spending.

    On Monday Babbitt and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood visited La Guardia airport, where work has stopped on a project to demolish an old control tower.