Manhattan Puppy Named Brooklyn May Have Nine Lives Like A Cat | NBC New York

Manhattan Puppy Named Brooklyn May Have Nine Lives Like A Cat

It fell of a Lower Manhattan Roof



    Mike Saes
    Brooklyn the dog pictured in better days out with his family.

    A scrappy  ten month old papillion-poodle mix appropriately named "Brooklyn" let his excitement over another dog literally push him over the edge.

    The puppy fell at least five stories from his Lower Manhattan apartment building Friday evening.

    His owner Diane Mella says her son Indy and his babysitter were home with Brooklyn at the time.

    The pooch saw the front door open, so he darted out and made his way up stairs to the roof.

    The door to the roof was open because workmen were completing a chimney project there.  By the time Indy and the babysitter got to the roof, Brooklyn had apparently jumped off and landed on the second floor ledge of a neighboring building.

    Mella says police from the First Precinct in Soho drove her and the pup to the vet's office. She added Brooklyn was riled up by another dog that came to visit earlier in the evening.

    The puppy suffered two broken legs, broken ribs and a possible spinal fracture. Brooklyn has to undergo a few more x-rays. The family hopes his nine lives save the day, but they ask you keep him in your prayers.