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The Hells Angels Settle Lawsuit Against Alexander McQueen, Saks, and




    Things have brightened up in the case of Hells Angels versus Alexander McQueen. Just eight days after the members-only motocycle club sued McQueen for copyright infringement of its winged-skull logo (as well as retailers Saks Fifth Avenue and for selling the items in question), the multiple parties have reached a settlement.

    All the items bearing the Angels' winged-skull logo—ranging from rings, to a dress, a clutch, and a pashmina—have been pulled from the market. In addition, the companies agreed to recall and destory any merchandise that has already been sold (good look with that one, we say—given this kerfuffle, we're willing to bet the items will be valuable commodities worth holding on to), as well as pay financial damages based on profits earned from sales.

    Clearly, the Hells Angels are fiercely territorial about their club's emblem, which has been in place since 1948. “They consider it quite exclusive," the group's attorney Fritz Clapp told WWD. "They consider themselves members, not someone who bought a $495 ring."