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7 Things to Know About the Coming Heat Wave

Greater New York is facing the worst heat wave in years this weekend



    NY Facing Worst Heat Wave in Years This Weekend

    New York could be facing its worst heat wave in three years this weekend. Steve Sosna and Erica Grow break down the forecast and how to stay cool. (Published Thursday, July 21, 2016)

    This weekend, the greater New York area is going to feel more like an oven than an oasis. 

    The longest heat wave in at least three years is coming, bringing temperatures that can endanger your health if you're not careful.

    Here’s why the weather this weekend really matters:

    • We're expecting at least five days in a row with high temperatures of at least 90 degrees, starting Thursday. (While the temperature may be warmer or cooler where you are, for official NYC purposes the measuring point is in Central Park.)
    • The last stretch that long was in July 2013, when temperatures hit 90 for seven days running.
    • The humidity levels will be chopped down Friday night by a cold front, so it won't be quite as steamy.
    • Even so, the heat will be more of a Phoenix heat with lower humidity levels Saturday and Sunday. 
    • Temperatures will still reach the mid-to-upper 90s, but the feels-like temperature (heat index) will match those temperatures.
    • In DC and other areas, the feels-like temperature will exceed 105.
    • The problem with heat waves is that the deaths and illness usually don’t come after the first day, but after a series of 90-plus days. The heat is a war of attrition on the body, especially for sick and elderly.

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